Ruth Graham joins Cindy Olson and Heather Flies for an hour of The Conversation.

Ruth explains that growing up as a Graham certainly affected her, but having that last name doesn’t define who she is.

“I am a unique child of God. Yes, my father was Billy Graham. Yes, my mother was Ruth Bell Graham, and I’ve very grateful that they were, they were wonderful examples. But, that’s not who I am. I have to be my own person as God has called me.”

What God called her to wasn’t what she expected at all.

Ruth talks about the way she was lead into her ministry. She explains that she didn’t intend to do what she now does, she wanted to be a wife and a mother and stay at home. But, she went through brokenness instead, and God called her in the middle of that brokenness. She didn’t feel like her story had value, but to him, it did.

“He has shown me he loves broken things, he uses broken things, he prefers broken things.”

Ruth also talks about learning to share hear heart authentically. Through divine circumstances she stepped in to replace her sister at some speaking engagements and she realized this is what God was calling her to.

Even if she’s not always comfortable on stage Ruth recognizes that speaking ministry is what God has called her to and gifted her for.

“We may look at broken lives and say, ‘Oh, you can’t use that,’ because historically Christians have wanted perfect examples. Well, I am not one, but God still uses me because he values me as a person.”

Heather, Cindy and Ruth also talk about the importance of authenticity in ministry and more.

“If you’re ministering mask-to-mask, nothing is going on of significance.”

A conversation with Ruth Graham