The Supreme Court handed down their decision on the affordable health care act late last week.  Dr. David Stevens, CEO of the Christian Medical Association, reacts to the decision and examines challenges facing Christians in the medical profession.

He explains that a majority of the members of the Christian Medical Association are oppose the affordable health care act. Those who do support it are the medical professionals that live in poor urban areas who see the benefits that working uninsured poor would receive.

“Christians need to be concerned about people who can’t get the health insurance they need.”

What Dr. Stevens sees as the problem is that the government has passes a measure they can’t afford. From his perspective, the real problem with health care in the U.S. is not that it’s unaccessible, it’s that medical costs are extremely inflated.

Some of the other issues with the current health care situation is the individual state control of health insurance which does not allow for competition across state lines and increased bureaucracy.

He advocates the use of health savings accounts which employers contribute to but which require some out-of-pocket costs from the individual. Dr. Stevens thinks that if we have to feel the pinch of our own health care we will be more wise about the type of treatment we request.

“There is the need for reform.”

Additionally, Dr. Stevens thinks Americans would benefit if they had more stock in their health care since many of the health problems we deal with come from things we could control like obesity and the amount of salt in our diet.

Knowledge doesn’t change our behavior around these unhealthy habits. Change requires accountability and Dr. Stevens suggests incentives and financial accountability.

“We need to give people incentives and make it easy for people to take good care of themselves.”

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