For part one of this conversation: The first look at Expecting to See Jesus

In the midst world of spiritual drought, economic disaster and tragedy around us, we look forward to the day Jesus returns to set things right.

Anne Graham Lotz’s book, Expecting to See Jesus, reminds us to hold onto him in a world that’s lost its way. It can be our human tendency to become paralyzed with doubt and focus on the bad things that are going on around in our world. Instead, God is calling us to lift our eyes up.

It can be easy to be despair when we see the hurt around us and ask God why he would allow such things to happen. Often, we have our focus on our circumstances and we judge God by our circumstances. Instead we should have our focus on God and judge our circumstances through his lens.

 “God’s people have no reason to be afraid.”

Even death is not a terrible thing because we will then enter into the presence of Christ. Instead of embracing doubt, we should respond by drawing close to God.

“I think a lot of Christians in church just wait until something really bad happens to pay attention to God.”

According to Anne, it’s of utmost importance that each Christian develops a strong personal relationship with God that is worked out through prayer, daily Bible reading and obedience. With faith like that we can have the strength to withstand the trials and hardship of this world.

Anne exhorts Christians to let tragedies be our wake-up-call.

“When we start questioning what God is up to and what He’s doing, I think underneath it is a deep-down doubt. We don’t believe God is good. We don’t believe he’s good. We don’t believe he’s paying attention. We  don’t believe he wants to bless us. There is an underlying doubt of the character of God, and that’s what Satan got Adam and Eve to do in the beginning.”

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 43:1-4,Matthew 24

A second look at Expecting to See Jesus