One of the premier ministries for effectively sharing Christ around the globe—especially among college students—is Campus Crusade for Christ.  Steve Douglass serves as president and dynamic leader of this international ministry.

He talks about some of his favorite ways to present the gospel including the powerful Jesus Film and the continued outreach of college ministries.

When we share the gospel it’s important to realize that people are more asking “Why?” questions rather than “How?” questions. People want to know why they should follow Christ and why he’s worth the cost, not just the method of accepting him.

Key in evangelism, especially in this age, is relational connection.

“You’ve got to make contact–life to life.”

We can converse with individuals and recognize areas of connection or similarity between our lives. These similar experiences or beliefs can build the foundation for a meaningful spiritual conversation.

Along with trying to establish connection, Steve also recognizes the role of creativity in evangelistic methods. Unique approaches are especially effective for people who have heard about the gospel significantly already.

Sometimes, though, a relational or creative focus isn’t what God has in mind.

“There’s this being called God in the equation and he has his way of overriding everything sometimes.”

While strategies and plans can be helpful it’s important to continue to look to God and simply follow what he wants us to do. And, when we hear God prompting us to do or say something, we need to do it.

Although Christians are called to evangelism, many don’t engage in it. Douglass explains that fear of rejection and lack of spiritual knowledge are two common reasons Christians don’t evangelize.

Even if we feel that way, it shouldn’t stop us from evangelizing. The need is greater than our fears.

“There are people out there who desperately want to know about Jesus.”