As Live the Promise with Susie Larson comes to an end (more details here), Bill Arnold is moving to afternoons on Faith Radio.

Starting on June 4, tune in everyday from 3-5pm CST to hear for Bill Arnold. Bill Arnold’s new two hour afternoon show, The Early Evening Late Show, will focus on the faith, hope, and clarity that shapes our hearts toward our King.  Dick Whitworth and Neil Stavem will be guest hosting Faith Radio Mornings.

Bill Arnold starts your day with a dose of faith, hope and clarity.

About Bill Arnold

Bill Arnold is a comedian, comic-magician, and emcee based in Minneapolis, MN. He is also the co-writer & co-star of the nationally acclaimed show, Triple Espresso… a highly caffeinated comedy! Bill enjoyed a 20-year run as “Buzz Maxwell” in Triple Espresso, which has played to more than 2 million people in over 50 cities and 6 countries since its opening.

Bill is also the co-host on Real Recovery which airs Saturdays at 3:00pm and Sundays at 5:00pm and is dedicated to helping lead those struggling with addiction out of that lifestyle and into a relationship with Christ. Bill’s humor is both clever and unquestionably appropriate. We hope you enjoy your mornings with Bill!