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Do I love myself enough or too much?

We often hear that we need to love ourselves more in order to have good mental health and self esteem but the Bible warns us against thinking too highly of ourselves (Romans 12:3). Yet many Christians struggle with feeling worthless and can even slip into self-hatred, which is not healthy. The Bible isn’t opposed to loving ourselves.…


Break free from shame and regret

Are you controlled by the opinions of others? Are you wrestling with shame because of events or choices in your past? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise we hear Susie’s discussion with counselor Ed Welch. They unpack the dangers of codependency and look at how Christ sets us free from shame. Ed’s book is When People Are Big and…

Susie Larson


Don’t judge a gift by its….

Walking through Walmart recently, I had to laugh at those funny gift boxes that look like containers for a different and totally fake product:  Things like the “iArm” mount for your tablet, so you can mount your iPad to your arm (or your car’s steering wheel); or the “Family-size Snuggy” so a whole…



A gay son’s journey to God

Christopher Yuan was living a gay lifestyle, all the while his praying mother refused to give up on her son. Listen in as he shares his story of redemption.


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