Life is a journey. It is filled with joys and sorrows, mountain-top experiences, and difficult days.

The Journey is a resource for the life-giving truth found in the Word of God. As the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Northwest Indiana, Steve DeWitt has sought to take his listeners into the depth of God’s Word while making these truths easily understood and applicable to daily life.

Steve DeWitt

It has been Pastor Steve’s joy to serve as Bethel Church’s senior pastor since 1997. His primary responsibilities are teaching at our weekend services, shepherding the people, leading the staff, serving as an elder, and providing overall vision for the church.

Steve’s passions include expository preaching, the doctrines of grace, helping the church engage its culture, and the beauty of God. He often speaks in contexts outside of Bethel, is a council member of The Gospel Coalition, and enjoys traveling as a part of Bethel’s global mission efforts. He also serves on the board of Global Action, an international missions organization providing theological training for church leaders across the world.

Steve is the author of the award winning book, Eyes Wide Open(2012) and Enjoying God in Everything (2022).

A graduate of Cornerstone University and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Steve’s interests include reading, travel, sports of all kinds, and rooting for University of Iowa teams. You are likely to run into him at a golf course near you.

After serving as a single pastor for many years, Steve was married to Jennifer in August of 2012. You can read their story in this article featured by The Gospel Coalition. They rejoiced at the birth of their daughters Kiralee in 2013 and Madeline in 2015. The DeWitts live in Crown Point.

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