Focus Radio Theatre brings stories to life via your imagination.

Focus Radio Theatre from Focus on the Family has been entertaining and enriching the lives of both young and old for decades. From timeless classics like The Christmas Carol to C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, Radio Theatre makes the stories come alive in the minds and hearts of a whole new generation of listeners.

Focus Radio Theatre isn’t just storytelling or a book on tape. It’s an audio movie that plays on the biggest screen of all — your imagination. Combining award-winning voice actors, orchestral musical scores, riveting scripts, and motion-picture quality sound design, Focus Radio Theatre is quality entertainment for all ages.

Past productions include:

  • Amazing Grace: Grace Abounding
  • The Chronicles of Naria: The Last Battle
  • Oliver Twist
  • Little Women
  • At Home in Mitford
  • Anne of Greene Gables

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