The stories that make up God’s Great Big Story.

Everybody has a story. 

We are wired for stories. Researchers say our brains actually light up when someone tells us a good story. And when we hear real-life accounts of God at work, it captures our attention and reminds us that His story, the Gospel, is true. Stories are powerful.

You have a story. In fact, every one of us is living out our own chapter in God’s great big story. When we invite Him into our lives, He brings transformation. That’s what the Unfolding is all about – you and me, interacting with a loving God, experiencing redemption, suffering, hope, and power. Every week, we share another person’s chapter in God’s Great Big Story.

What’s in your chapter?  Tell us about your story in the contact form below.

Meridith Foster first learned to love a good story by listening to her dad, a master storyteller. She grew up and fell in love with radio – a great place to tell and share stories. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, Steve, and three growing girls (who provide plenty of story material).

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