The Money Couple®, Scott & Bethany Palmer, are devoted to helping couples everywhere see eye-to-eye on day-to-day money decisions. During their four combined decades as financial advisors, they witnessed an increasing trend of marriages ending in divorce over money. After years of exploration and research, they discovered and identified The 5 Money Personalities™ to help couples everywhere reverse that trend and communicate positively and effectively about money. After their discovery they worked with a statistical scientist, Dr. Kirk Cameron, to develop The Money Personality Quiz.

Scott & Bethany are regulars on major, nationwide television and radio programs, and speak internationally about love and money.  They enjoy an active Colorado lifestyle with their two sons, Cole and Cade.

Scott Palmer
Scott Palmer is a Colorado native who loves to golf, ski, and hang out with Bethany and their boys.  Scott is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, a commercial instrument rated pilot, and an Eagle Scout. He has been in the financial planning industry for over 20 years. Scott is a Certified Retirement Specialist, a Certified Senior Advisor, a popular motivational speaker, a frequent guest on national radio and television programs, and along with his wife, Bethany, an author.

Bethany Palmer
Bethany grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and graduated from Westmont College in California. She was a junior nationally ranked swimmer, an amateur photographer, and the mother of two wonderful boys, Cade and Cole.

Bethany has been in the financial planning industry for over 20 years, including expertise in individual counseling, President, and board member experience. Bethany, along with her husband Scott, is an author, a motivational speaker, popular guest on radio and television.