Patrick Morley is arguably the world’s expert on what makes men tick,” Leary Gates, President of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men.

Hi, this is Pat. I wanted to do a handshake and thank you for considering how my books can help you and the men around you lead a deeper, richer life of meaning and purpose in Christ.

I write books for men — 20 and counting. I’m a one trick pony, and men’s discipleship is my trick. You can find my Bible teachings on video, articles, books, e-books, and radio program at my devotional posts at & follow me on Twitter @patrickmorley.

I started my career in the highly competitive world of real estate development. In 1986, I began teaching The Man in the Mirror Bible Study which, for the most part, was me sharing my struggles and what the Bible said about them. It resonated with the men. Today we have 10,000 men in the Bible study.

That led to starting Man in the Mirror, a ministry that helps churches more effectively disciple men. Our vision is, “For every church to disciple every man.