After launching his career in the Texas oilfields, John Cortines has recently decided to advance the biblical message of generosity full-time, joining the leadership team of Generous Giving.  He worked for oil companies in several locations across Texas and Louisiana, most recently as a petroleum engineer for Chevron, where he conducted complex decision and financial analyses of deepwater oil and gas projects. He holds engineering degrees from Texas A&M University (BS, 2010) and KAU of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia (MS, 2011), and an MBA from Harvard Business School (2015).

In the research that informs God and Money John brought his pragmatic analytical approach to a question that has always intrigued him: how should wealthy Christians handle their money? The result was a simple yet radical framework for managing wealth that John found transformative. Once content to live simply, give some, and save aggressively to attain personal security, he now sees active giving—sharing resources joyfully and generously—as central to a way of life that serves God. John is married to Megan and together they have a growing family that includes Jack and Anna.