Dan and Sandy Adler have been married and have been performing together since 1984.  They are both graduates of Crown College.  They have two children, Danielle and Ben, and live in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  Dan was the Music Minister at the Church of the Open Door, a church of 5,000 people in the Twin Cities, for 11 years.  While at Open Door, Dan also served as a worship leader for Promisekeepers for three years.  Dan is a singer, songwriter, producer and arranger.  Sandy is a vocalist, woodwind player and visual artist and art teacher as well.  She is also a speaker, singer and artist for Women’s Retreats and conferences.  In 1996, Dan and Sandy left their church position to begin a para-church ministry called Heart of the City Ministries.  Heart of the City is a multi-racial, multi-denominational ministry focused on uniting the Church through large gatherings of worship and prayer. Leading these events with Dan and Sandy, is their Heart of the City Worship Band whose members include 11 different ethnicities.  Dan has written over 100 songs and has had several of them published and recorded internationally.  Dan and Sandy have recorded six albums together plus seven other albums of Dan’s music with the Heart of the City Worship Band.  Throughout the year, with the Heart of the City Band and with just the two of them, they serve as worship leaders and perform concerts about 35 times a year.  Together, Dan and Sandy blend their voices and their hearts with their passion for worship, renewal and unity in the Church of Jesus Christ.