Allison Bottke is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. An innovative, risk-taking, faith-extending woman, Allison believes in being spiritually tenacious!

Captivating readers and audiences with a mesmerizing tale of hope and healing, Allison Bottke is a bestselling inspirational author and speaker. With a powerful testimony of triumph over tragedy, her transparent vulnerability when addressing painful topics whether in books or on stage, enables Allison to connect with people in a very real and down-to-earth way.

Her international outreach includes 29 published non-fiction and fiction books, including the acclaimed Setting Boundaries ™ series from Harvest House Publishers; Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children, Setting Boundaries with Aging Parents, Setting Boundaries with Difficult People, Setting Boundaries with Food, and Setting Boundaries for Women. A Young Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries.

Allison is a frequent guest on national radio and TV programs around the country, including Good Morning Texas, Focus on the Family,, the 700 Club, Day Star Network, the Dr. Laura Show, and others, and has appeared on the covers of such national magazines as Writer’s Digest, BOND, The Christian Communicator, CWO, and Obesity Help Magazine.

Allison also writes contemporary fiction for women, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing is her newest novel based on three baby boomer entrepreneurial women. She is also the Founder and Editor of the popular God Allows U-Turns compilation book series, and has served on the faculty at many national writing conferences, including Jerry B. Jenkins Writing for the Soul Conference, North Texas Christian Writers Conference, Blue Ridge Writers Conference and others.

In addition to her many books, Allison has written hundreds of articles, columns, and blogs that have appeared in a variety of publications. She has co-authored and ghostwritten a number of books for well-known personalities, such as Emmy Award Winner Christine Devine, Fox 11 News Anchor in Los Angeles and Host of Wednesday’s Child (Finding a Forever Family-A News Anchor’s Notebook on Adoption within the Foster Care System).

Prior to launching her career as a full-time writer and speaker, Allison worked in the world of philanthropy as a non-profit fundraising and development professional. She is currently a member of Christian Women in Media Association (CWIMA), Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA), and Advanced Christian Writers Association (ACFW).