Another year in the books and here we are at the start of a brand new year. We start with high hopes, great expectations and often a number of resolutions that prove unrealistic. So, let’s change the question from resolutions to renewal. How can this new year be a year of positive renewal across several areas of my life?

Where should we begin? What should we seek first?

Jesus says in Matthew 6:33 to those worried about tomorrow or what they’re going to wear or eat, Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will fall into place.

So, how can I pursue renewal in all areas of my life by seeking first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Do I trust God to renew everything else – my relationships, my finances, my health – if I focus intentionally on His priorities first?

For many of us that’s the question: do I trust God to make good on His promises to take care of me if I rest in Him?

We imagine that we have to do it all, failing to trust God to take care of us as we tend to the most important thing which is seeking Him. I’m guilty of this. I make so many lists! I am a very productive person and I get a lot done, but I also run over other people who are moving at a slower pace or in a different direction. I need to be renewed in my spirit for everyone’s benefit, including my own.

In this new year, what might it look like to allow God to renew everything by finding our rest in Him? What might happen if we intentionally seek first the Kingdom and God’s righteousness and trust God to lead us in caring for the calendar, the plans, the projects, and the piles? All those things need doing, but how might they be accomplished in a more positive way if we keep first things first?

A few firsts to consider:
First thought: prayer
First Word: Bible
First deed: act of service

None of these have to take a long time, it’s about creating a new rhythm. How might leading off with a one sentence prayer or the Lord’s Prayer renew your whole day? How would your mind be renewed if the first words were from the Word of God instead of your social media or news feed? How might your relationships be renewed if your first deed of the day were on behalf of someone else?

God likes to make things new. It’s one of His unique gifting’s. Let God be God this year as you yield to His renewing presence, power and grace. As you seek Him and His righteousness, everything else will fall into its rightful – renewed – place.

Renewal in the New Year