We asked physician and tropical and infectious disease expert, Richard Lane, MD, to join us again in order to update us on vaccines for COVID 19. This conversation is important in order to dispel false information that seems to have spread rapidly regarding vaccines.

Dr. Lane is a strong man of the Christian faith, a dedicated scientist and a retired physician. We trust him to carefully review the scientific data and report the truth. And we trust him because he views the science through a biblical lens. Here are just a few of the questions we touched on during the weekend show. To hear more, listen to the podcast below anytime and share with family and friends.

Question 1: We heard on the news that this vaccine was developed in record time. Should we be worried that the development of the vaccine was rushed and therefore is not safe?

Dr. Lane: In terms of the development of the Pfizer vaccine, their study started with 44,820 volunteers. Of that number, 1270 did not actually participate for various reasons. Another 99 were dropped after the randomization stage and not vaccinated because they didn’t sign a consent form. Overall, 21,720 were vaccinated with one dose and 21,728 received the placebo. This is considered a very large clinical trial. The end result of the study is that the vaccine is safe and efficacious. Anyone who reads this paper and understands science can feel secure in the decision to be immunized.
Regarding the Moderna vaccine, not surprisingly, data are very similar to Pfizer’s data. This is because the Moderna vaccine used the same biotechnology (mRNA) as Pfizer. This report hints, for the first time, that the vaccine may prevent asymptomatic infections after the first dose. Here is the data.

Question 2: I have heard that this vaccine will change my DNA. Is that true?

 Dr. Lane: This is not true. Creation Ministries International posted a good explanation of the technology. This organization affirms science and the truth of the Bible. It’s a bit of a technical read but explains how mRNA is not a DNA changer.

Question 3: As a Christian, I wonder if this is a set up for the mark of beast discussed in the book of Revelation. What can you say about that?

Dr. Lane: First, remember that God is in our science. He designed our bodies and all wisdom comes from Him. This vaccine does not contain a chip.  They do not contain technology to trace you. Vaccines have a large positive impact on human health. No one is being forced to take them. So please don’t confuse your personal and/or political convictions with the meaning of a biblical text. Crosswalk.com makes these distinctions in terms of the mark of the beast: 1) Identification of the mark will be deliberate, not covert. 2) It will require Christians to intentionally reject Christ. 3) It is tied to the worship of the Beast and vaccinations are not about worship.

As one final point, I (Dr. Linda) would like to add, please, do not listen to fear mongering, rumors, and celebrities who are not schooled in theology or science. Seek the truth. People’s lives are at stake.

Dr. Richard Lane has a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Maryland, School of Medicine and a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine degree from Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. He is licensed as a physician and surgeon in the Commonwealth of Virginia and has recently retired. He has been a reasoned voice in disseminating information from a science perspective, has years of experience working with infectious disease, and is a person of faith.

COVID 19 Vaccines: Yes or No?

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