In a recent conversation on Mornings with Carmen, Kathy Branzell shared a testimony about a visit she made to Ft. McHenry in Maryland. Here is the rest of that story, in her own words:

In 2013 I was traveling on the National Day of Prayer’s “Pray for America” bus tour that summer where we had the privilege of visiting the Ft. McHenry in Maryland. The workers at Fort McHenry were thrilled to see us early that morning because it meant that they could raise the “Banner” flag. I had thought that having a bunch of people show up first thing in the morning would be a burden not a blessing, so I was very curious and had to ask deeper questions to understand their excitement.

As it turns out, they usually fly the “storm” flag which is the smallest flag that is easily raised with one or two people. The Banner flag, otherwise known as the Great Garrison flag, is the largest of flags and it takes many people to synchronize and raise it. In September of 1814, as the enemy moved closer to attack the Maryland Harbor, the military wanted to make sure the enemy could see the United States of America’s banner flag from a distance; making it crystal clear where their allegiance stood, and declaring whose army they were serving. This is the also why Francis Scott Key was able to see the flag and write his poem that became our “Star-Spangled Banner” from afar while being jailed in a boat that was anchored way offshore.

In that moment one of the names of God struck me, Jehovah-Nissi= God is our banner. the name raised in praise by Moses to the altar which he built to celebrate the defeat of the Amalekites at Rephidim.

Alone and afraid we tend to raise the storm flag, hoping to just weather the storm. We fly it in response or fear to the strength of the storm. The storm flag does not respond to the size of the fight of the One who is in us, for us, and the victory already won.

 We must raise our Banner of victory! This is an important part of our obedience in Jesus’ desire to require His followers to be unified. When we worship; pray, serve, sing, and stand together we are stronger; able to “raise our Banner”- JESUS, for the world to see and to know who were serve and that He is our victory. In this on-going earthly time of war with heaven’s enemy we fight together, not against one another, to lift up the Name and glory of Jesus. This 4th of July weekend and beyond, let’s celebrate America as one nation under God, and elevate our Banner, Jehovah-Nissi, together.

Kathy Branzell, currently serves as President of the National Day of Prayer Task Force. She is my friend and a regular guest with me on Mornings with Carmen.

Take a listen.

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Raising the Banner of Jesus with Kathy Branzell