When was the last time you actually opened the Bible? If you haven’t been in the Word, how exactly do you think you’ll be prepared to serve God in the World He so loves?

In July, the American Bible Society and Barna released the 10th annual ‘State of the Bible’ survey. In 2019, over one-third of American adults (35%) said that realistically they never use the Bible outside of a large church service. By June of 2020, that number had fallen to 31%. That’s three in 10 Americans opening the Bible at any time, for any reason, outside of church. And how many open the Bible every day? Fewer than one in ten (9%). So, again, I ask, when was the last time you actually opened the Bible?

Pastor Colin Smith teaches us everyday on Unlocking the Bible the importance of opening and engaging with God’s Word. For those who want a fresh start – or a first start – he offers the new Open the Bible in 30 Days resource. He joined me for a conversation about the project on Mornings with Carmen.

Ready to engage the Bible? It starts with opening God’s Word. Faith Radio has been partnering with pastor Colin Smith and Unlocking the Bible to invite to the Open the Bible over the course of 50 days. Join us in the ongoing adventure of Bible exploration at OpentheBible.org

Open the Bible with Pastor Colin Smith