Dr. Jeremiah Johnston hosts Curtis Wallace and Brian Paradis, authors of .

Drawing from his experience in ministry, domestically and abroad, Curtis says leadership development programs are critical.

“One person can’t do it all. Every individual has their own ministry capacity and has limits as to what he or she can do. What really separates the great ministries from the not-so-great is the ability to build a team and develop leaders on that team.”

Curtis emphasizes the importance of accountability in Christian ministry.

“We need to be able to have vigorous debate and an environment where people feel safe to share ideas.”

Brian joins the conversation and shares wisdom for leaders on cultivating vision and direction for your ministry.

“When you can’t see what it is you want to take place, it’s hard to create it. The first step in any leadership journey is knowing where you want to go or seeing what nobody’s seen before, or understanding what the vision is.”

Part of following a vision is avoiding distractions, especially as a church leader. Curtis explains,

“You should do those things that only you can do because, as the pastor, you have to be freed to be effective. If you don’t have time for prayer, study, and spending time with God, you cannot be the best that you’re going to be on Sunday. Our churches need to understand that they need to invest in teams to free the pastor to be the pastor.”

Other important concerns of leaders include acting with a loving motivation, incorporating lighthearted humor, and looking at things from others’ perspectives.

Curtis encourages individuals not to try to take on big callings alone. He advises,

“If you don’t have the expertise, you need to have someone who does, and you’ve got to be willing to invest in that expertise.”

Curtis Wallace is an attorney known for assisting church and ministry leaders. Brian Paradis is a senior partner of CSuite Solutions. Together, they authored .

Curtis Wallace: Thriving in persecuted countries

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