When David Bush was in college, he already had his career path charted.  He was a talented singer and songwriter and he was certain that his star was about to rise.   He was writing songs, and recording demos with some of the best in the business.  Major record companies were considering some of his songs for top-selling artists. He was on his way.

He organized a concert at the junior college he was attending.  Smoke, lights, and great musicians backed him up.  He was confident it would be another step toward his success.  He was stunned when he learned fellow students who volunteered their time to help with the concert, felt used.  They weren’t impressed with David, and they weren’t moved by the Christian song he threw in at the end to “sanctify” the show.  They were not as impressed with David Bush, as David was.  And he was crushed.

“I remember leaving and just crying, kind of suddenly realizing that it was my version of a ministry.   And none of these people were buying it.  Because it was clear from their perspective that I was just full of myself, and they couldn’t see Jesus.”

David would love to say that experience changed his perspective, but it took more challenging experiences to bring him to a place of surrender.  When he graduated from college, he was recruited by a national ministry to sing on their worship team.  For two years he traveled the world, but there was no big breakthrough in his career.

Instead, he spent his days learning how to have a quiet time, how to pray, and how to communicate the Gospel in a real and relatable way- all great skills that would serve him the rest of his life.  But at the end of the two-year commitment, it was clear that it was time to move on to something else.

David’s career path led him to working in the business world for the next 13 years.  He continued writing songs, but he was certain the window of opportunity to have a career in music was closed.  That would be conventional thinking.  However, God wasn’t interested in convention.  He was interested in changing David’s heart.  He used his career path to facilitate that, and to bring David’s dreams to reality, but in a way far better than he ever imagined.   Hear David’s inspiring story in Chapter 40 of Epic.

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Surrendering Dreams – David Bush