Jamie Crosier believed staying in her marriage would mean a life of misery. When she learned about her husband’s affair, she was relieved. She finally had an “out,” and could divorce without guilt.

Jamie and Kevin drank and partied together in the early days of their relationship, but after their daughter was born, Jamie stayed home. Kevin continued to drink and go out after work.

Resentment built between them. Now that Jamie knew of his infidelity, she felt she’d been set free and filed for divorce.

When Jamie left, Kevin was angry. He began to feel the weight of the consequences of his choices. He wanted healing for his marriage, but had no idea how to get there.

Then a co-worker gave him the movie Fireproof. For the first time, Kevin believed that maybe God could fix what was broken.

Over the course of the next several months, Kevin did what the main character in the movie did, following the instructions in a book called The Love Dare. He sent flowers, he cooked dinner, whatever he could to show love and appreciation to his wife.

But Jamie was not interested. She had moved on to other dating relationships and was certain Kevin’s behavior was just an act. All the while, their divorce was slowly making its way through the legal system.

Jamie believed she had finally met the love of her life.  She was anxious for the divorce to be finalized so that she could get on with her happy life. But as the divorce date approached, she began to sense that God wanted her to stay in her marriage.

Why would God want her to be unhappy? She was sure this couldn’t be right, so she asked God for a sign – not once, but three times.

On the night before their divorce was to be finalized, she knew what God was saying. But was it too late?

Hear Kevin and Jamie’s story in Chapter 47 of Epic. You can listen to Part 1 of their story here.

Redeeming a crumbling marriage - Kevin and Jamie Crosier Part 2