If the enemy can’t have your soul (because you’ve trusted Christ), then he’ll do everything he can to distress your soul. And a distressed soul is devastating to your health and to your overall sense of wellbeing.

Jesus intends to restore your soul.

In Christ Jesus, we’re all on a healing journey, and that process takes time, attention, and intention. If we don’t prioritize what’s going on in our soul, we’ll by default do one of two things:

  • Numb out – so we don’t have to deal with what’s going on beneath the surface
  • Rehearse and rehash – because we can’t seem to get unstuck.

Recently on Middays with Susie Larson I spoke with authors Alan and Gem Fadling about their book, “What Does Your Soul Love? Eight Questions that Reveal God’s Work in You.”

They write:

“A Kingdom transformation approach brings what is ugly out into the open where it can be forgiven, cleansed, healed, transformed. Rather than avoiding fear, we can lean into it and discover courage in the midst. Rather than numbing anxiety, we acknowledge its existence in God’s presence. Facing reality is always better than avoiding it.”

Gem shared that some of her favorite words are these, invitation, notice, embrace…

When something happens in our everyday life and we feel suddenly triggered, our instinctive reaction is to do whatever we can to get away from that feeling. But what if we had a different goal in mind? What if instead of relief, we longed for redemption? What if instead of looking for a break, we prioritized an actual breakthrough?

Next time fear or anxiety or insecurity stirs up within you, consider it an invitation to slow down Notice what you’re feeling. Embrace God’s presence right in your midst. Dare to ask Him what’s really going on beneath the surface. Maybe you’ll find a fear of rejection, a fear of conflict, or a fear of failure. Maybe you’ll realize you’re trying to control something that Jesus wants you to surrender.

When you invite Jesus into the center of your struggles, He will meet you there. He’ll show you what’s true and lead you back to the path of peace. He is 100% committed to your restoration. You can trust Him.

Alan Fadling shared that it’s important to remember that we’re loved right here, in this place. We start with love and we grow into freedom. Too often we get this backwards. We try to pull themselves together, so we’ll be more worthy of love.

Alan writes:

“It will be very difficult to embark and remain on a journey of transformation if we do not have confidence that we are already loved as we currently are.”

You are loved. You are covered. You are provided for. You have nothing to prove and all of eternity to live for. Don’t live with a distressed soul. Pay attention to the condition of your soul. Be honest about your process. Jesus will meet you there. His goodness may surprise you.

Pay attention to your soul