Dr. Jeremiah Johnston advises Christians to not ignore the important questions they have.

“We don’t allow any question to paralyze us in our faith. I’m blessed by all the questions that are coming in on AskJJJ.com. This is the show where we tackle the tough questions and we take seriously the commandment to love God with our heart, soul, and mind, and love others.”

The call to love God is fittingly accompanied by the call to love and reach others. Dr. David Hardage, executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, known as Texas Baptists, oversees the outreach organization. Texas Baptists includes about 5,300 churches statewide. Hardage says of his role:

“It’s very humbling and challenging. People are immigrating to Texas from all over the world and migrating from all the other 49 states.”

The organization reaches people in numerous evangelistic capacities, and notably through the Baptist Student Ministry programs on higher education campuses.

“I believe, nowadays, the most impressionable people in society are 18, 19 and 20-year-olds. We look at the college and university campuses as a mission filed.”

Each person who is a believer, whether filling a ministry or a mainstream vocational role, has a calling and a mission. While demographics and more change, the role of a Christ follower remains foundational.

“It’s just living out Gospel with a sense of disciple-making,” Hardage explains. “The Gospel still speaks to people wherever they are. The Gospel will not return void.”

Hardage underscores the service of people who serve as teachers, coaches, and in positions in which many lives are affected. “Ministry is not just behind the pulpits on Sunday,”
he says.

“I want to be a man of integrity. I’ve got to be the same on Sunday as Monday.”

Johnston reminds listeners of John 1:5:

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. When we come to faith in Jesus Christ, it inspires us to welcome the Kingdom of God on Earth and also make the world a better place – to confront evil with good.”

Dr. David Hardage is the executive director of the Baptist General Convention of Texas, known as Texas Baptists. He has served as a pastor and interim pastor, and served in leadership roles in faith-based and educational organizations. Texas Baptists encompasses about 5,300 member church congregations in Texas.

David Hardage: Cross-cultural ministry