When speaking of the resurrection, the Apostle Paul described Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection as of “first importance” (1 Corinthians 15:3). Dr. Jeremiah Johnston says,

“There is nothing more important in the Christian life than celebrating the bodily resurrection of Jesus.”

In fact, there are 300 biblical passages that reference the physical resurrection of Jesus. Johnston continues,

“Christianity is based on history – not myth, legend, fairy tales or fables.”

However, some 25 percent of self-identifying Christians say they don’t believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus. Yet, Jesus’ triumph on the cross is central to Christianity.

Johnston gives these seven evidence points for the truth of Christ’s victory in his message, “Body of Proof: Evidence for the Resurrection.”

1. It is the only way we make sense of the suffering in our lives.
2. Jesus foretold His death and resurrection.
3. Jesus demonstrated resurrection power by miraculously bringing several people back to life in the Gospels.
4. Jesus’ bodily resurrection was not what His disciples or the Jewish people anticipated.
5. The written resources and archaeology overwhelmingly support the resurrection narrative.
6. It is the only convincing explanation for the conversion of those who didn’t follow Jesus during His earthly ministry.
7. Everywhere the Christian faith goes, society is dramatically changed for the better.

As believers seek to renew their minds with truth, they would do well to memorize Scripture in order to meditate on the truth of Jesus’ finished work. In John 14:19 for example, Jesus promises,

“Because I live, you also will live.”

Because Jesus lives, Christians have nothing to fear. Hopelessness is out of place in the life of a Christian who proclaims the resurrection.

Jeremiah Johnston: Body of proof - evidence for the resurrection