When Brittany Frost did a Bible study on the Holy Spirit, she felt compelled to pray, “God, whatever you want, I will trust you.”

Both Brittany and her husband had no idea where the journey might take them, but they knew God was asking them to trust Him. As they prayed, international adoption continued to be on their hearts and minds. The more they prayed, the clearer it became: They were to start their family through adoption.

So they began the long process of paperwork.

It seemed as they moved through the process, each next step was illuminated. That was true until it came time to choose the country where they would adopt. At the time, their agency was working with an African country, and a Southeast Asian country. They sensed no clear direction.

They talked with friends who had adopted, and based on their experience, they decided to move forward with adoption in Africa. They invested many hours in the process of completing all the paperwork, finally finished their packet and had it ready to mail.

That evening Brittany and her husband were driving to a youth group meeting they were leading. While her husband drove, Brittany decided to check her email. There was a note from their adoption agency. The email was advocating for children waiting for adoption in the Southeast Asian country, including photos of some of the sweet children waiting. Brittany read the note, and decided to pray for the kids. She knew the email wasn’t for her, because they had already completed the long paperwork process for the other country.

But then Brittany scrolled through the email, and prayed for each of the children.  When she reached the last child, something supernatural happened.

“I get to the last picture and I lose it.  “That’s my son,” I told my husband, “That’s our son.  There he is, that’s him.”  I just knew.”

Brittany’s journey would take her to the other side of the world and radically change her home.  Hear her inspiring story in Chapter 53 of Epic.

A journey through adoption - Brittany Frost