It’s a story of miraculous, stunning healing. But also a journey of coming to grips with the things she’s lost.

For Kate Clark, sharing her daughter’s recess period one school day led to a shocking playground accident that left her paralyzed – with a diagnosis of quadriplegia. Doctors gently told her to prepare for a different life, but she kept praying a rebellious prayer for healing.

In the hard, daily work of physical therapy, she went from experiencing a hint of feeling in her foot to taking her first halting steps on her own power once again to today – where to the untrained eye you’d never realized Kate was once diagnosed as someone who’d never walk again.

From this front row seat to the healing process, Kate makes an interesting declaration. She says the timeless cliche isn’t correct. Time doesn’t heal all wounds. The real healer has another identity.

“One of the things that I think can be off or confusing for Christians is that when we are in pain we feel like we’re somehow outside the grip or care of our Heavenly Father. And that couldn’t really be further from the truth. That is the lie that the enemy wants to feed you.”

“But the truth is we are joined to a Savior, One who is a God who suffers. There’s no other God like our God! There’s no other God who has said He suffers as His people, with His people.”

And Kate says it’s in that presence, not in the passage of time, where healing is found.

“So I have found that really our gaze needs to be set upon Him, and we need to be captivated by Him. And that is where – when we gain Him – that is where the healing is able to take place.”

Kate Clark is the inspiring mom, writer & ministry veteran who tells her extraordinary story of healing in Where I End: A Story of Tragedy, Truth & Rebellious Hope.

On the Road with Kate Clark

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