Apologist Dr. Sean McDowell and Jeremiah Johnston recently sat down to discuss faith, suffering and the resurrection. 

What evidence is there for the validity of Christianity through the resurrection of Jesus Christ? 

Jeremiah Johnston shares 7 powerful tips that showcase the truth of the bodily resurrection of Jesus:

1. The resurrection of Jesus is the only way we ultimately make sense of the suffering in our lives.
2. He foretold it in Mark 8:31, Mark 9:31 and Mark 10:33-34.
3. He demonstrated resurrection power.
4. It’s not what his Jewish disciples anticipated.
5. The written sources and archaeological finds overwhelmingly support the Christian narratives.
6. It is the only convincing explanation for the conversion of those who didn’t follow Jesus during his earthly ministry.
7. It is the only convincing explanation for the fact that everywhere the Christian faith goes, culture is changed.

How are we to respond to suffering?

Both believers and unbelievers grapple with the problem of suffering. Apologist Dr. Sean McDowell shares his two-part advice for talking with unbelievers is first, ask questions, and secondly, listen.

“I think Christianity offers the best answer to the problem of evil of any worldview. When we suffer, God hasn’t abandoned us. He hasn’t left us alone. When we believe that God is good, it helps us transcend what we’re going through, even if He doesn’t give us the answers we want.”

What are some good resources for people to look into to learn more about the Christian faith?

In addition to reading supplementary materials, Jeremiah says that believers should read their Bible from cover to cover.

“There are answers to your questions and they are found in the Word of God. There is more evidence today to prove the claims of Christianity than at any other time in history. We are truly living in the golden age of the Christian faith. In I Peter 3:15, we’re told, ‘Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.’ That verse is for every single one of us.”

Dr. Sean McDowell is an apologist, extensive author, and an associate professor at Biola University. Sean is a sought-after speaker who inspires Christians to share their faith, and seekers to examine the evidence for Christianity. In addition to his own scholarship, Sean has written several books with his father, Josh McDowell.

Sean McDowell on role-playing the resurrection