Episode #190 — It was the uncanny sense of rhythm that gave it away. When little Lincoln Brewster was handed his mom’s mandolin before the age of ten, something just clicked.

“When I first played music the light bulb went on. No question. It just made sense to me, and it moved me in a really profound way. I remember the first time I ever played mandolin, and when I strummed the first chord and felt the mandolin vibrate – and that you could change it with your fingers – the next day I couldn’t wait to go back to it and do more.”

“And my mom, that’s how she knew. She sat down with me, my brother, and my sister and showed all of us some chords on the mandolin. I came back the next day, and said, ‘I want to do that again!’ And then I kept coming back.”

Lincoln explains how his mother taking the time to shape his talent ended up becoming one of the most formative experiences in his life.

“Scripture says God has written into the fabric of our heart His word. So I think each person has it in there. And this is a way that God has been orchestrating in my life since a young age,  but my mom kind of understood it I guess. Raise up a child in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it. That’s what she did with me really well.”

“When you talk about the literal translation of this – when the Native Americans used to make arrows, they would actually take the arrow and bend it and then hold it there. It would dry, and if they shot it, it would curve. And that’s literally what that Scripture is talking about. God bends us a certain way. We’re all different, and as parents it’s our job not to bend our kids. It’s our job to identify how God bent them. And support them in the way He created them.”

With that truth more thoroughly understood now as a parent himself, Lincoln looks back on his childhood with a lot of gratefulness.

“I feel so fortunate I have the mom I do. She was so supportive with my music, and – honestly – it’s still just really cool that my mom loves what I do!”

Lincoln Brewster is the celebrated guitarist and recording artist behind the new record God of the Impossible.

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On the Road with Lincoln Brewster

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