Do you feel trapped by your fear? Jan Silvious says the best way to fight fear is to closely guard your thought life.

“One of the things we have to understand about fear is that it really does start with a thought. Any thought can trigger fear and then our brain will just go crazy with it. We need to understand that we can speak to our brains and tell our brains to calm down. We can tell our brain to not go there.”

Often times we feel paralyzed by fear. However, Jan says that’s not actually accurate.

“One of the things I see with our brains is they cannot operate in fear if we come in with another, more positive thought. The brain can’t hold two thoughts. We just need to change the thought.”

Jan says one of the best things we can think when fighting fear are thoughts of appreciation.

“Fear and appreciation can’t stay in the same brain. They have done studies on this. When fear hits, the brain goes crazy, but it will calm down if the person who is afraid begins to think thoughts of gratitude, appreciation, kindness, and love. It’s amazing what then happens to the brain. I believe we are responsible to take control of our brains and talk ourselves out of fear, just as we can talk ourselves into fear.”

According to Jan, one of the main reasons we can give into fear is because we believe that God is mad at us. However, this is also a lie.

“I know that God’s not mad at me and I like that. Sometimes we think we really blew it and God is really mad at us, but that’s just not the case. All of that mad that he would have had was dumped out on the cross. He’s not mad. That’s the greatest news I have.”

Where does your fear stem from today? Ask God to show you the root cause of your fear and ask Him to teach you how to speak words of truth against your fear and calm your heart and mind.

Jan Silvious is a long-time speaker, professional life coach, wife, mother, and grandmother. She is author of eleven books, including  and Fool-Proofing Your Life. Jan and her husband, Charlie, live in Tennessee, and have three grown sons, two daughters-in-love, five charming grandchildren and a very bright rescued pit-bull, Rocky-Buddy.

Key Scripture: Psalm 27:13-14

Featured Songs: I Am No Victim – Kristine Dimarco; Song of My Father – Urban Rescue; Amazed – Lincoln Brewster

Courage for the unknown season with Jan Silvious