Why do we long for the praise of other people even when we know in our hearts only communion with God will truly satisfy?

According to Lisa Bevere, when we focus too much of our attention on the presence and praise of other people, we miss out on something tremendous.

“We continue to look at those things because it’s easier. It’s actually easier to be in the presence of people than the presence of God. We constantly are more comfortable with that.”

“We forget we are actually compromising what God has called us to do.”

Many of us are too busy wishing we were unearthing someone else’s treasure that we don’t even see the treasure God has for us to uncover.

“When we spend all this time looking at everybody else, we neglect our own search. It’s like everybody’s life is a treasure map and there is a unique buried treasure that only you know how to unearth. We’re looking side to side finding out where everybody else is in the progression of unearthing their treasure, when there is something that is uniquely ours that God has put in our lives and has called us to unearth.”

This is because many of us aren’t willing to take time and effort to unearth our own treasure.

“We don’t take what we hear into the presence of God. We are so aware of what other people are saying and so unaware of what God is saying. We can only find out what God is saying in this Word while we are in His presence. You can’t interpret God’s Word outside of the tone of our Father.”

So often we don’t allow ourselves to enter the presence of God because we are in a hurry.

“So many people, they’re just tweeting it, and reading it quick, they’re actually not receiving it in the presence of God and that’s where God begins to talk to us.”

Lisa Bevere’s authentic, passionate, and hilarious approach weaves profound biblical truths with practical application. Her books are in the hands of milions worldwide. Lisa and her husband, John, are bestselling authors and the founders of Messenger International, and she is a grandmother and Sicilian mother of four sons.

Key Scripture: 1 John 3:1

Featured Songs: Rise – Danny Gokey; He is With Us– Love & the Outcome; Press On – Building 429

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