Have you been praying for God to move in your life, but haven’t seen a response from Him?

Pastor Jason Mitchell says that while sometimes waiting on God is our only option, other times God is calling us to act.

To illustrate, he tells the story of a couple whose marriage was unraveling.

“This couple had been married 20 years. The biggest reason why it was falling apart was the wife had just found out that the husband was having an affair. The woman that the husband was seeing was pregnant now. The only problem was, the mistress didn’t know if it was his child, or someone else’s. It was an absolute mess.”

At the end of the conversation, the wife said something that made Jason’s heart sink.

“She said, ‘you know Jason, we’ve been praying for years. We’ve prayed and prayed that God would change our marriage, we’ve been waiting on God to do that, but it never happened.'”

“I remember thinking to myself, maybe that was the problem?”

What would have happened to their marriage if they had done more than just ask God to restore their marriage?

“Prayer is a great place to start, we know God can transform anything. But then after you pray, what would have happened if after you prayed, you went out and did the most loving thing possible for your spouse and then you woke up the next day and did it again?”

If they had strung a thousand of those days together, Jason is convinced their marriage could have looked much different.

“Instead they just said they waited on the Lord. I sat there and thought, what were you waiting on? God’s already given you what you need. What were you waiting on?”

Jason says that many of us are in this very place right now. We are waiting on God to transform us.

“God’s saying to us, I will, so get to work.”

Jason Mitchell is teaching pastor at LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ) Church, a thriving church with locations throughout Pennsylvania. Through speaking and writing, Jason has influenced thousands of people to pursue Jesus with passion. He gets fired up about finding new and compelling ways to make the message of Christ relevant to people’s everyday lives.

Key Scripture: Colossians 2:6-7

Featured Songs: The Lion and the Lamb – Leeland; The King of the World – Natalie Grant; Mighty Cross – Elevation Worship

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