We can unknowingly stifle our own prayers by speaking and acting in a way that is contrary to what we’re hoping for. Kristi Watts explains,

“When God gives us a word, a promise, we’ve got to walk out that word.”

In other words, our life, our words, and our actions can’t contradict what we are praying for, or else we are working against our prayers. Kristi knows exactly what this is like.

“My ex-husband was an alcoholic and he was verbally abusive. He was all over the place. So I would pray, Lord restore our marriage, Lord heal my husband, Lord deliver my husband, and then I would get on the phone and I would talk to a girlfriend, ‘it’s never going to happen. Our marriage is doomed.’”

Kristi realized she was negating the very promises she was praying for. Her words had power to speak life or death over her marriage, regardless of how her husband was behaving.

“Words create, they ignite, they build, they shape. But imagine speaking words and God is igniting that word of truth and then we take a bucket of water and pour it on that flame. That’s exactly what happens when we go against the very word we’re praying for. So when God gives us a word. It has to be complete, not just for us to say it, and think it, but for us to walk in it.”

We must walk and talk as if we believe that God will make good on His promises.

“If you’re praying for healing, you can’t say every five seconds, I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m sick. It’s important to say, Lord you said you’re going to heal me. I’m walking in that healing, and then you praise the Lord for it.”

Kristi Watts is best known for her role as a former co host on The 700 Club and for her in-depth interviews of authors, celebrities, and public figures. She recently launched Kristi Watts Ministries to provide Bible study tools, video blogs, and speaking engagements.

Key Scripture: Philippians 4:4

Featured Songs: Everything is Mine in You – Christy Nockles; More Than Conquerors – Steven Curtis Chapman; Impossible Things – Chris Tomlin

Walking out our prayers