One of the most important aspects of inner peace is peace with God. But how do you find true peace?

According to Audrey Meisner, a common denominator of every happy person is inner peace. Why is it so hard to truly have peace with God?

“Most people walk around feeling that they are at least a little bit of a disappointment to God. I’m not as quite amazing as that other person, or I don’t do my quiet time quite enough, I don’t pray enough, I don’t believe enough.”

These not-enough beliefs in our lives cause us to feel like a disappointment to God when we are anything but. Audrey uses an illustration of her relationship with Host Susie Larson.

“If I feel like I’m a disappointment to you Susie, I will not want to go out to lunch with you. However, because I literally feel like I’m the opposite of a disappointment to you I would do anything to go out to lunch with you.”

Audrey compares her love for her own children with the love God has for us.

“My kids can mess up and screw up and everything else, but when they want me, I am there and I am ready to move on to great places in our relationship. Peace with God for me is when I know that I’m not a disappointment because then I won’t make it my discipline to hang out with God, I will make it my very joy every day to hang out with Him.

God has an even greater affection for us.

“Put a stop to feeling like you’re a disappointment to God. Maybe you are making wrong choices that are causing consequences in your life. You have an invitation to draw a line in the sand, right this minute. Maybe it’s your worse day, but just let Jesus love you on your worst day, He’s not far from you, He’s right there.”

Audrey Meisner is a best-selling Author, Speaker, Relationship Specialist and Founder of Love Married Life ®. Audrey has her Doctorate in Ministry and her heartfelt message to women is to combat self-destructive thoughts of regret and shame and receive and display God’s unconditional love, forgiveness and smile on their lives.  Together, Bob and Audrey specialize in helping marriages build and maintain phenomenal love.  They have four children and live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Key Scripture: Psalm 90:12

Featured Songs: Beautiful Day – Jamie Grace; Rise – Danny Gokey; Freedom Song – Christy Nockles

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