Unity and reconciliation are hot-button issues in our culture today. As the Church, we know we are supposed to be united across denominational and racial lines. However, we often find it difficult to accomplish this unity.

Deidra Riggs explains that in order to achieve unity we must understand what unity really means and what unity is designed to achieve. She emphasizes that unity is not the same thing as sameness.

 “Unity is not me trying to make you like me. God is not calling us to that. The reason God calls us to unity is so that the world will know Jesus was sent by God because of God’s great love for us.”

God doesn’t want us to unite under His banner just for the sake of unity, He wants us united so that we can share the most important message of all with the world.

“If the church can figure out how to come together and be one in the world, the world will look and see something supernatural and that’s how they will know that Jesus was sent by God.”

In addition, God wants us to be who He created us to be. He doesn’t want us to conform to any standard set by any group.

“God has specifically created each of us in a unique way for a reason. He wants us to reflect His image to the world and back to Him. It’s together that we make up the body of Christ, not alone. We make up the body of Christ together as the people that we are, as the eye, the ear, and the rest of the parts of the whole. We are not trying to be the same. We are trying to be the person God created us to be, but we are coming together for the same purpose. We have different functions, personalities, passions, and gifts but we all have the same purpose.”

Deidra Riggs is a national speaker, author, and blogger. As founder of JumpingTandem, Deidra leads an online community offering inspiration, encouragement, and a safe place to practice grace. She is a regular contributor to Dayspring’s (in)courage online community. She has been a speaker for TEDx and IF:Gathering and has organized her own women’s retreat.

Key Scripture: John 17:20-23

Featured Songs: The War is Over – Bethel; For the One – Bethel; This We Know – Passion

Unity in a divided world with Deidra Riggs