Do you feel like you’re fighting an up-hill battle against anxiety? John Dickerson, who has struggled with debilitating stroke-like symptoms for years, shares a practical principle for pulling the rug out from under our anxiety.

“Here’s the most practical thing that has helped me with my anxiety that stems from my stroke-like symptoms: even if it doesn’t get better, it will end. My hope is not in the present; my hope is in the future. Even in the worst-case scenario, it will end.”

John explains how anxiety gets us.

“Anxiety is fear of the worst-case scenario. For me, the monster of anxiety is if I have one of my stroke-like episodes and instead of it ending after 24 hours and my brain being hazy for a few weeks, I’m stuck in it and I can’t speak or write. I go from a professional speaker and writer to not being able to do either.”

For John, the worst-case scenario is that he would be stuck in that condition for the rest of his life, but the story doesn’t end there.

“And then, for all of eternity I’m in a glorified body that will never experience pain or suffering, just the ecstasy of joy and God’s presence overwhelming me.”

The key to pulling the rug out from under anxiety is to focus on the hope that we have.

“Even if the worst-case scenario happens, you have a hope that far eclipses that worst-case scenario.”

“You have a hope that says, even if the worst-case happens, it will be temporary, it will be re-purposed for good, and the future glory will far eclipse the future glory. That’s what I cling to, this will end. Whether it’s in 40 minutes or 40 years, it’s going to end. What’s waiting for me in the presence of God is so much better that it’s worth going through this.”

John S. Dickerson is a prize-winning journalist, a recognized voice in American Christianity, and bestselling author of the books The Great Evangelical Recession and .

Key Scripture: Romans 15:13

Featured Songs: Magnify – We Are Messengers; Let Them See You – JJ Weeks Band; King of the World – Natalie Grant

Pulling the rug out from under anxiety