How can you stay grounded in the midst of success?

Singer songwriter Colton Dixon finished in the top ten of season 11 of American Idol. He explains several things that helped him stay grounded during his rise on Idol.

“Having people close to you is the number 1 thing I would say to anybody doing anything in life where you just need to be grounded. Because I don’t always trust myself in those situations, so it’s good to have someone else who will keep me accountability.”

Colton says that his family helped him when he was questioning his purpose in life even during success.

“In those moments, I was even questioning if God was in what I was doing. Am I on Idol because I want my name to be famous or was this truly an opportunity opened up by God? Am I here for the right reasons?”

Colton was reminded of the promise God gave to Moses, I will never leave you nor forsake you.

“I was just like, okay, I’m just going to rest in that for a second.”

Another thing that kept Colton grounded during his experience on Idol was learning how to battle the pride that often comes with success.

“I actually went out for Idol a couple different years. The first year I didn’t know how to handle it. Pride became a really big issue for me. Not that anyone would have ever noticed it on the outside, but I even remember having some conversations with my parents and they saw it in me.”

As God showed Colton how to manage his pride, doors started opening again.

“As I started to see that and correct that, God started to open doors again. His timing is perfect, but as He started to give me opportunities, I knew what not to do, I had learned the hard way.”

Colton admits that he still struggles with the temptation of pride.

“It’s such a hard thing to do, especially when you’re on a stage, it could be a foot off the ground or six feet off the ground, but for whatever reason, entitlement and pride come with that. Even in the few years of doing this, I’ve learned that the church doesn’t need another celebrity, we need more servants. I’m not perfect at that by any means, but I have to realize that it’s not my stage, it’s really not, God even put this desire in my heart to begin with. I love what I do, but it’s all for Him.”

Colton says that having other people close to him has helped him stayed grounded amidst success.

Colton Dixon is a singer songwriter who burst onto the music scene when he finished in the top 10 on season 11 of America Idol. His first album, A Messenger was released in 2013 and today we are celebrating the release of his new album Identity.

Featured Songs: All That Matters – Colton Dixon; Breathe – Colton Dixon; Never Gone – Colton Dixon.

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