“So teach us to number our days, so that we may get a heart of wisdom” Psalm 90:12

The Psalmist teaches us to number our days, but what does that really mean?

Susie Larson says that when we number our days, our spiritual eyes open up and we begin to see things from God’s perspective.

But that’s only the beginning.

“To number our days means to anoint the day, it means to appoint the day, it means to claim the day as a sacred gift from Almighty God.”

Grasping the true meaning of that passage has shaped Susie’s morning routine.

“I do this every morning, I slip out of bed and before I stand, I bow. I get on my knees and I open my hands and just say, ‘You are God and I serve you and glorify your name. Give me a heart for that which pleases you.’”

Numbering our days means being mindful of how we commit our time.

“What are you saying yes to these days? What are you saying no to these days? Often we get caught up in the rat race culture and then we miss the best of what God has for us.”

All too often, we miss the best of what God has for us, including His presence by saying yes to the wrong things. Susie says that as God’s people, we have allowed our frantic culture to influence us and cause us to miss the mindset of enjoying God’s presence in everyday life.

“Have we allowed the precious gift of expectancy to slip through our fingers? How often do we cup our hands to our ear and listen to heaven’s song over our lives?”

Numbering our days also means not committing to things God hasn’t called us to.

“Has it occurred to you that God maybe has a more life giving path than the one that you’re currently on? Sometimes we over-commit for all the wrong reasons: pride, insecurity, fear, hastiness. Other times we have the best of intentions for giving our time away: a good cause, a great need, or there’s just nobody else.”

Either way, Susie says we need to ask ourselves some probing questions about how we spend our time.

“Do the majority of our yeses increase our faith and fill us with a greater expectancy of how God is moving in our midst, or do they drain us to the point that we find ourselves weary simply rushing from one thing to the next?”

Key Scripture: Psalm 90:12

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