Do you struggle to follow through and meet your long term goals? Dr. Glenn Pickering explains why writing out long-term goals maybe the missing key to reaching them.

“Writing is tactile and physical and visual. The process of writing it down so I see it gets it into my brain.”

Bill shares how writing out his goals helps his Bible study,

“When I write notes in the margins, I know by Bible better than if I get online with a Bible that has no notes in it. I can visually see the notes. If it’s a Galatians verse, I know right where it is because I know the notes attached to it.”

Once you’ve written down a long-term goal or ideal future, how do you practically make that a reality? Dr. Glenn shares other steps you can take,

“You have a long-term plan, you’ve committed to that plan, you’ve told everyone else in your life what that plan is so they can support you instead of trying to do it yourself. You pray about it, and you have little reminders all over the place to remind yourself of what the goal is because that’s part of re-training our thinking.”

Our long term goals fail when we let the desire for short term satisfaction or comfort to distract us from the long term commitment we have made.

“God wants the absolute best for you…and that’s what your long-term self wants to, it’s the short-term, instant gratification part that gets in the way.”

“For example, me and God both know it’s in my best interest to be healthy, and if I have a long-term plan to achieve that, I will do it. If every day though I wake up and just say, ‘Eh, do I feel like doing that today?‘ Guess what? I don’t.”

Dr. Glenn Pickering is, at heart, a scientist and a teacher—a keen observer whose brilliant work with thousands of couples led him to the amazing discoveries that he wants to share with you. The TAG-related books and seminars that he and his wife, Gwen, have created contain the revolutionary insights, real-life examples, and concrete change strategies that have transformed people’s lives and that will help you to create the powerful, loving relationships you always wanted.

Long-term goals