“Though God calls us to live full, abundant lives, He doesn’t run us ragged or ask us to grind our gears to the point of break-down. We can trust Him to know what’s best for us. If we don’t practice a measure of restraint when it comes to all of our time commitments, if we don’t say no to continual and perpetual busyness, we’ll say yes to it by default and leave ourselves vulnerable as a result.” – An excerpt from  .

God’s presence is real. His power is accessible to us – if we will pursue it through prayer and the Word.

Susie tells a story of a speaking event from years ago. She was incredibly sick with a cold and a hip out of joint – but she had to stand up and speak six times at this event. She prayed and delivered the messages God had given her. Despite her poor health, God moved in a powerful way, healing women in attendance both physically and spiritually. Susie went home and fell asleep, marveling at what God had done and why this speaking event seemed so different, why He seemed so close and filled the air around them.

She had a dream.

“I had this picture, and overhead were dark clouds. They were gray and purple and white, and lightning shot through them. And people were walking to and fro, busy as can be… Not even aware. But in the dream it was so obvious the clouds hanging overhead were right overhead, and they represented the power of God.

Every once in a while, somebody would reach up and grab a handful of power and they would put on their child or on their heart, and then they would go about their day – sort of hit-and-miss.

But then in the dream, the camera zoomed in. I saw this woman, and she reached up and she put it on her heart. She reached up she put it on her child. She’d reach up and put it on people that were walking by. It was like she camped in the presence of God, and she knew the power was right there… Hers for the taking, and so she laid hold of it for every circumstance and every situation in her life.”

The Lord whispered to Susie’s heart when she awoke.

“Most of My people scratch the surface of what I’ve made available to them.”

We have to lay hold of His wisdom. We need His wisdom so that we can walk in life. There’s something so powerful to understand that this moment is a gift from God.

You don’t know if you’re getting tomorrow.

The very fact that you’re living and breathing on the planet right here right now means you have a sacred yes to give to God.

The moment is sacred.

Your call is significant.

God is powerful.

And He wants to walk you through each and every moment, because He has wisdom for you so you can redeem every moment, every step of every day.

Are you accessing God’s power and wisdom? Are you spending daily time in His Word and with His people? The results of doing that consistently could change your day to day life forever.

Key Scriptures: Matthew 11:28-30Proverbs 9:10Psalm 25:14

Featured Songs: Guardian by Worship Central; All My Fountains by Chris Tomlin; Whole Heart by Shannon Wexelberg

Say 'yes' to God's wisdom and power

4 Responses to "Your Sacred Yes: Say ‘yes’ to God’s wisdom and power"

  • Maren Solheim says:

    I was just wondering if you need to read the book before the study begins? I ask because I have this really long book to read for my regular book club by the end of this month and am very busy with work right now, so I am not sure if I could have another one finished by Feb. 8th.

  • Diane B says:

    Susie, Thanks so much for sharing your book, Your Sacred Yes, with us! I have listened to your radio show here twice now and have maintained my notes as I am in the middle of taking that inventory of my life as you have taught us! 🙂 I can get so busy that I forget to enjoy a laugh or to relish a sacred moment but, with God’s help through your book, I can become a person whose life on “earth is truly for heaven’s sake”! Thank you again!

  • Pat Hilgeman says:


    I cannot get signed up for Your Sacred Yes 6 week class. I don’t know if it’s my computer or what. Could you please sign me up and send me the first email. Thanks so much.

    Pat Hilgeman

    1. Susie Larson says:

      Dear Pat,

      I’d be happy to get you signed up! If you email me (so I’ll have your email address), I’ll get you signed up. Blessings to you!

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