The interior of a sausage delivery truck may seem like an unlikely stop on a journey to professional music making. But that was the part time work that helped Micah Tyler pay the bills while he traveled across Texas, introducing his soulful sound to any gathering or group that would let him play his guitar and sing his songs.

Now that he has a chart topping hit in , Micah looks back on the risk he and his young family took to follow God’s call and says, if it all ended today, he’d have still made that leap.

“If it all goes away today, and we never have another single do anything like this, if people stop calling me to play music, we’ve learned the Lord is faithful driving around a sausage truck at three in the morning! So we have something to rest in.”

“There’s more though! He is faithful. Just as faithful when we were living in a single wide mobile home and trying to make ends meet as He is getting to go on tour with these heroes of mine that I grew up listening to and getting to walk into places and people know my song!”

“The Lord proved Himself faithful, so we can surely appreciate it. But, man, I hope I don’t have to do that again!”

Micah is a bighearted and genuinely funny guy who knows what a blessing it is to find success in his extraordinarily competitive industry. But I couldn’t resist asking – were there times after he quit his steady job to chase God’s call in music that he felt he’d made a mistake? Or perhaps misheard God somehow?

“Yeah! I mean, that’s how sacrifice works I think.  Sacrifice is always going to cost you something, and so we have given up a lot of comfort. I long for those days. I just wish we knew we had so much money to be able to pay these bills or do these things, but what I’ve learned, what someone told me who was very wise – is that every time he stepped out in faith, what going forward looks like sacrifice – you’ll look back and always see faithfulness. Because the Lord never causes us to do anything that He’s not prepared to actually back up and stand behind!”

Micah Tyler is the bighearted, genuinely funny & extraordinarily talented recording artist behind the hit song “Never Been a Moment”. From a bold decision to follow God’s call into music ministry, to time spent in a sausage delivery truck, this man’s one of a kind story of faith and music is not to be missed.

On the Road with Micah Tyler

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