Dave and Austin share their individual stories of how God delivered them from their addictions.

Austin had been using meth for three years, but he found that God’s power was stronger than the power of addiction:

“I believed when I was using, I was a hopeless addict. When I was using I believed that God was mad at me and gave up on me, but in reality, I gave up on God.”

“Now, since I’ve been sober, He has done so many wonderful things for me. I’ve been able to hold a job for the last four months, and I’ve gotten a promotion within those four months.  I have so many relationships in my life that I didn’t have before, and I pray every day just to stay sober. Yesterday, I had five months sober, and that’s through the grace of God.”

“I never could have fathomed the things that I have today. I never thought it was possible for me to have all this good stuff happening to me. It it took a lot of will power that I was granted (by God).”

Practically, Austin attributes his sobriety to prayer and action.

“Before, I’d pray and expect my prayers to be answered. I’d just sit around and wait for it; it never happened.”

“Now, everyday I’ll pray, ‘Teach me how to live in God’s will and not my will.’ I go out of my way to do the service work, and for me, that’s God’s will: helping other people. It’s not all about me anymore, it’s about other people.”

“It’s about, ‘How can I help the next person?’ Whether it’s buying the person behind me their coffee at Starbucks, whether it’s giving people rides to work or to a meeting, whatever it may be, whether I want to do it or not, I do it because it’s the right thing.”

Doing the right thing to stay sober