There’s no doubt that America is in a moral decline. As Christians, is there anything we can do to stem the tide of moral decay?

Pastor and author Jeff Kinley sheds light on some unhelpful stances Christians often take when it comes to culture and how we can avoid them.

Run and retreat

“It’s the easiest and most comfortable option. While the world is going crazy around me, I’m just going to hole up with my family and ride it out.”

“However, we weren’t meant to stay in the dock, we we’re meant to sail the sea. We were meant to take the Gospel to all the world. We can’t be safe in these last days, we have to put on our armor and get out there and fight for the truth.”

Condemn everything

“We are called, like a physician, to diagnose our culture. When we realize that we can simply condemn, but that’s not enough. It’s not enough to condemn, we have to go in there and confront it. We have to bring the light of God’s wisdom and truth to that situation and that’s when it can start to get risky.”

Remaining absorbed in our Christian subculture

“As Christians, we’ve organized ourselves into our own little subculture. We have something going on every night of the week, including our own sports leagues. That’s healthy to a point, but we have to realize that we have to be out penetrating our culture with the Light of Jesus Christ. We have to go out in the world and not just stay in our Christian subculture.”

Choose to be absorbed by the culture

“For many Christians, they are simply parroting back what the culture has told them about many of the important issues of our day. Their minds are not being renewed and transformed by Scripture. Their minds are being formed by the spirit of the age. We can’t seek to be totally relevant to our world because those are the enemies of God, those values are the enemies of the truth. We have to have that godly balance where our mind is set on the things that are above and yet our feet are planted firmly on the earth.”

How is God calling you to adjust your response to the moral decline of culture? To learn more about how you can respond to culture, read Jeff’s book  .

Jeff Kinley empowers people with vintage truth. He is the author of 20 books and founding Pastor of Vintagenxt, a  Christian faith community in the Historic Hillcrest District of Little Rock, AR. Jeff’s writing style uniquely connects this generation with vintage truth, and he personally engages them when he speaks.

Key Scripture: Romans 13:11-12

Featured Songs: Point to You – We are Messengers; How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin; Rise – Danny Gokey

Responding to the moral decay of culture