We all know that God is all-powerful and omnipotent. But how can we begin to rightly understand God’s power? How does that power apply to our lives today?

Pastor Sam Storms shares how we can understand God’s power and how it effects our lives today.

“I think it’s important that we understand what we mean by God’s power. The idea of power often strikes many people as an abstract, out there, energy in God himself by which he accomplishes His purposes.”

While that is a partial definition of God’s power, Sam says that it’s not the full picture.

“While it is that, the power of God in Scripture is something that He has imparted to us. In Ephesians 1, Paul talks about the fact that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is operative in those who believe. Power is not only something that God has, it’s something that He gives. He infuses it in us.”

When we think of God’s power displayed, we often think of mighty things like spiritual gifts, signs, wonders, and miracles. However, Sam says that God’s power is not only evident in these things.

“It’s also power to be patient, to endure in persecution, to have hope. These are all expressions of God’s power. “

According to Sam, God’s power is not just limited to some person or something.

“This isn’t just for some Christians of a particular denomination, this isn’t just something we should expect to see maybe on a weekly basis or once a month or once a year, this is the power that energizes every born-again child of God 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The Holy Spirit manifests this power of God through us when we surrender ourselves to God and yield to the power that has been put within us.

Sam Storms is founder of Enjoying God Ministries, which provides biblical and theological resources to the body of Christ. He is also the senior pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City and a former professor. Storms travels both in the United States and abroad, speaking at churches and conferences.

Key Scripture: Psalm 16:11

Featured Songs: Unfinished – Mandisa; Rise – Danny Gokey; Glorious – Passion

Practicing the power of God with Sam Storms