John grew up in a well-adjusted, seemingly drama-free household. In spite of that addiction still tore through John’s life. Drugs, criminal activity, and prison were the only constants in John’s life, but a particular moment of clarity was the start of a new direction for John.

“I thought if I go to treatment God will come down and He’ll tap me on the head with His magic wand and I’ll be fixed and fine. That is kind of what I waited around to do for Him to do, and I ended up going to get high again.”

However God calls us to play an active and intentional role in our own lives and our own recovery.

“I’ve had to participate in my recovery, and that doesn’t mean God doesn’t do the heavy lifting, but I’ve got to ask him. I’ve got to say, I don’t know what’s going on here. Help me with this. How do I do this?”

“For the longest time I just thought I could get sober and change my life through osmosis, just hanging around people and saying what they said or did, and it really, actually takes work.”

John’s story isn’t the only highlight of this week’s show. This week also marks the 33rd year of sobriety for George Fraser. As he’s quick to point out in the beginning of the show, he didn’t do it, he didn’t even want to do it. God did for George what George could not do for himself. It’s in that spirit that George encourages John.

“The Bible says Satan roars around like a lion looking for somebody to devour. In our addiction we think, “I got this,’ and I think in recovery we can do the same thing. I certainly know I can.”

George shares a question to ask yourself to asses how you view your role in your recovery, am I less willing to do this year what I was willing to do when I got into recovery?

“That’s a red flag whenever I see that or hear that in myself. Jesus said we’ve got to pick up our cross and deny ourselves daily.”

Participating in your recovery