“When we start to be generous, and we start to have a healthy relationship with money, it changes us.”

When we start to see money as a resource instead of a source, we are creating a healthier dynamic in our lives. Brad Hewitt, the CEO of Thrivent Financial, shares the four effects of a when we adopt a new mindset about money.

1. Winsome.

2. Wise.

3. Willing to take risks.

4. Witness.

Brad and a friend, James Moline, teamed up to write . While they were working through the materials, a pastor asked why they were tackling the topic of money when so many books had already been written about it. Brad’s answers caught him by surprise – it would have a personal and global effect.

“Only 10% of Christians are tithing, so whatever we’re doing now isn’t working super well. And by the way, if we could do this, it would change the world. American Christians have so much money that a flood of generosity would literally change the world in a way that we can’t even imagine.”

“And if we have a bunch of Christians actually becoming great witnesses, being willing to take more risks, being winsome…that would change the way we show up.”

How do you think about money? Does it cause you anxiety, or do you see it as a tool to further God’s kingdom?

We’re each given a measure of wealth, and each one of us is positioned to use it in a way to honor God. Ask yourself, where am I living right now? How can my income honor God and bless others?

Brad Hewitt serves as chief executive officer of Thrivent Financial, the country’s largest fraternal benefit society. A Fortune 500 organization, Thrivent is leading a nationwide movement of Christians and their communities to be wise with money and live generously. He is co-author of  .

Key Scriptures: Matthew 6:11-12

Featured Songs: God and God Alone by Chris Tomlin; Everything is Mine by Christy Nockels; Glow in the Dark by Jason Gray

Your new money mindset