We all need healing in some way, shape, or form. However, sometimes it doesn’t feel like the healing we long for will ever come.

Jenny Simmons says God is constantly healing us, even when we can’t see it.

“Healing happens all the time even if the cure doesn’t. I’m invited to be made well even when the broken things don’t get put perfectly back together. Healing happens. It can happen after the divorce, after the funeral, after the abuse, after the lost job. After the miracle you prayed for doesn’t come to pass, even in those spaces wholeness can come again and you can be made well.”

God never leaves our side; He is with us constantly.

“Every Christmas now I feel like it’s a miracle because we talk about Emmanuel and that means God with us. For so long, I was conditioned to think that God with us was God providing the miracle or the answer that I was looking for exactly. What I’ve learned instead is that what it means for Jesus to come and have walked among people is that He knows pain, and He knows suffering and He does not leave our side.”

Even if the miracle doesn’t always come when we would want it to, He is always by our side.

“Sometimes we’re facing that moment after the funeral, after whatever, and you’re sitting there and I want to say to you that God will begin to show up.”

He might not show up the way we expect, but Jenny says he will reveal himself to us.

“Over and over and over again he will speak life back into your heart. He is the great redeemer, and restorer, and he doesn’t leave our side. God’s graciousness is too much, because once you become aware of it, even if it’s not a million dollars in your lap, it’s exactly what you need at the right moment and it comes so faithfully and so generously from the heart of God.”

Jenny Simmons is a dynamic storyteller and people lover who sees God’s redemptive hand at work in the world around her. She is a sought-after musician and speaker that has garnered a devoted blog following for her whimsical and hopeful writing style.

Featured Songs: Who You Say We Are – Steven Curtis Chapman; Calvary – Hillsong; Open Hands – Laura Story

Made well