God loves our enemies, even when we are harboring resentment or even hatred towards them. Dr. Erick Schenkel reminds us that we are called to strive for unity and love unconditionally.

“It’s the incredible heart and love of God who sees all of us, loves us all, wants to be reconciled to us all, and is willing to forgive all of our sin. That’s hard for us to hold on to in the midst of the politics of our world.”

“In our world, we tend to choose sides and not keep our hearts opened to that unconditional love of God that treats all of us with love and respect and desires to bring us all back to Himself.”

Erick says that Americans are not the only people who wrestle with this tendency. We all have a desire and tendency to separate ourselves from everyone else.

“It’s something we all fight. I’ve seen it all over the world and certainly in our own country these days. I’ve seen it in every place I’ve ever lived. When we lived in central Asia we saw it between ethnic groups, between a dominant culture and a sub culture. We bolster our own ego or try to make us feel better about ourselves; that’s the human tendency.”

How can we fight against this desire to divide?

“When we bow before the Lord, humble ourselves before Him, and realize that we are no better than anyone else I can relax in the fact that God loves me. He also loves my enemies. He loves the people who have chosen to persecute and attack others, He loves them too.”

“It’s a different way to see the world, but once we get that in our hearts, it opens our hearts to people that our hearts would not be open to otherwise.”

Erick Schenkel, Ph.D., serves as Executive Director of Jesus Film Project®. He has been working in ministry since he graduated from Harvard College in 1974 and subsequently led a team that established a church and elementary school in Massachusetts.

Key Scripture: 2 Peter 3:9

Featured Songs: If You Say So – Emmanuel; The Gospel Changes Everything – Meredith Andrews; Trust in You – Lauren Daigle

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