A social worker, teacher and sheriff meet after the work day to get high. It’s not a setup for a joke, it’s the reality that Rocky lived after she was introduced to meth by parents of some of her students.

What Rocky found was that addiction will go after anyone, respectable profession or not. Eventually she abandoned everything but the drug, and even though she was headed to prison, Rocky still hadn’t hit her rock bottom. That wouldn’t come until a visit from her son.

“My son had to visit me in that jail and he was sixteen at the time and I had to explain to him that, ‘I haven’t been here for the past ten years of your life, but I might not be here for the next twenty two years.'”

“Watching him through a little screen through a little monitor and seeing his heart breaking for the very first time since I had started using, I saw the consequences of my addiction, and they were staring me right in my face and it was my sixteen year old son. His heart was breaking and there was nothing that I could do, and that was my rock bottom.”

While Rocky’s son was the catalyst for a wake-up call, it was her mother who kept reminder her that God was on her side.

“She kept telling me every day that, ‘My God is bigger. You’re not going to prison. My God is bigger.’ I was like, ‘Yes, mother, I know He’s great and he’s big, but this is the legal system.’ So, to me, God was small compared to this legal system, and He totally showed me who He was and who He is.”

“Instead of going to prison for 22 years of my life, God moved in that courtroom when I was going to be sentenced and judge sentenced me to complete a year-long program at a treatment facility. God was like, ‘That’s not who I say you are. That’s not who you’re going to be anymore.’

When God intervenes