Is it actually possible to be friends with God? If so, what does it even look like?

Dr. James Goll says that in order to understand what friendship with God looks like, we should look no further than the life of Abraham.

“We know that Abraham is called the father of our faith, we know he was a patriarch, but Abraham was also called the friend of God.”

Pastor James says that friendship with God is much like other friendships.

“Your friends are your friends because they know how to keep their mouth shut: Your friends are your friends because you can share a secret with them and they know how to keep it. There’s trust: Your friends are your friends because they are loyal and they are with you through the mountain and the valley.”

Ultimately, our friends are our friends because we’ve shared life together.

“That was Abraham and that’s our God. They shared life together, and we are called to walk in those footsteps as well. I want to be like Abraham, a friend of God.”

How can we be friends of God if we are called to obey Him as well?

“It wasn’t just command and do. There was interchange. It’s not just slavery, it’s not just listen and obey, although we need to listen and obey. Servanthood should lead to friendship because prayer is a dialogue. Prayer is when one heart is shared and the other heart responds.”

Doesn’t God want us to do great things for Him and not just be His friend?

“When the day is over, it will be great to be known as an author, and an international speaker, but you know what will remain? Do you know what I want to be known for? I want to be known as a friend of God. I want to be known as someone who helped others.”

Friendship with God is the most important thing we can long for in life. Everything else God wants us to do with our lives will flow from our intimacy with Him.

Dr. James W. Goll is the founder of God Encounters Ministries and the author of more than 30 books and 20 Bible study guides. He has shared the love of Jesus in more than 50 nations, teaching and imparting the power of intercession, prophetic ministry and life in the Spirit.

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