Do you find yourself vacillating between faith and fear, peace and utter anxiety? Julie Manning is well-acquainted with fear.

“I think all of us can very easily come up with a list of what we fear. Regardless of our situation and regardless of our each of our types of sufferings that we’re going through.”

Julie’s fear stemmed from her heart disorder that left her fearing if the current day would be her last.

“For me it was am I going to see my husband tonight? I just kissed him as he went out the door to work, is this going to be the last time I see him? My fear is collapsing in front of my children. It’s not typical that someone would have to teach their toddler to dial 911.”

While Julie still battles fear from time to time, she has found freedom. She says it helps her to stay grounded in the Word of God and to pray continually for strength to not live in fear.

“I don’t battle them every day like I used to, but they still creep in and I have to fight them with God’s Word because that’s what transcends all situations and all generations. In every circumstance, God’s Word holds true and it’s unchanging. His yes is yes and His no is no. So I pray for belief and I pray that He will give me more faith to believe His Word and believe what He says versus what my mind thinks on its own.”

Living with fear doesn’t mean we’re dysfunctional. In many ways, it’s an unfortunate side effect of living on this earth.

“I think we’re all going to vacillate between fear and faith until we’re in heaven with Him because we’re human and we’re selfish and we want to control things. For me, I count it a blessing that I discovered that I don’t actually control anything.”

Julie Manning is a wife to her beloved husband, John, mother of three fun-loving boys, and pediatric nurse practitioner. At the age of twenty-five, Julie left her career in corporate America to pursue a degree in nursing. While in nursing school, the Lord birthed a passion within Julie to care for children with heart disease. Little did she know seven years later, she would learn that her own heart was sick.

Key Scripture: Romans 8:28

Featured Songs: Rise – Danny Gokey; He is With Us – Love & the Outcome; Press On – Building 429

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